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Pull Style Systems - Spring Return

  • Fully Automatic Spring Return Tarp
  • Optional Polished Wind Deflector
  • Rear Pull Bar Assembly With Latches

    Where to use:

  • Covers up to 26 feet in length with straight tarps.
  • Covers up to 20 feet in length if the tarp has side flaps.
  • Fits widths from 7 to 8-1/2 feet.

  • Shown with all mounting hardware
    and optional steel housing

    Manual Systems

    Above Picture: Shown with optional pull bar assembly

  • Galvanized Steel Fold-Away Crank.
  • 1-112" Diameter Aluminum Roller Tube.
  • Steel Mounting Plates.
  • Sealed Bearings.

    Where to use:

  • Mounts on the front of any length box.
  • Fits any width from 8-1/2' or less.

  • Optional Locking Ratchet
    Pull Style Manual Tarp Systems
    Pull Style Manual Tarp Systems
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