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Rolling Soft Cover Canopy for Specialized Flatdeck Utility Trailers.

We took our experience in manufacturing load covering solutions for the semi trailer industry and applied it to the smaller more specialized tag-along trailer market. Short haul or long haul we have a design to suit your requirements.

We have launched a new company called LOAD COVERING TRAILERS, an affiliated company to Load Covering Solutions. Click Here to visit the new website.

Protect your equipment & get the LOOK® Engineered Sliding System

Cover valuable equipment & materials:

  • Lawn Mowers & Landscape Equipment
  • ATVs, Dirt Bikes & Snowmobiles
  • Personal Watercraft & Jet Skis or Seadoos
  • Exotic Cars, Race Cars & Antique Cars
  • Off-road Vehicles & Dune Buggies
  • Lumber & Drywall
  • Paving & Construction Equipment
  • Antiques & Furniture
  • Scientific Equipment & Marine Submersibles
  • Aircraft and Much Much More!

    Protect Your Equipment….Cover It!

    Until now, there has never been a flexible alternative solution to cover expensive equipment on specialized utility and recreational trailers. Providing versatility for side, rear and overhead accessibility the LOOK® engineering sliding system will provide load protection and security at an affordable cost.

    Built from heavy duty, light weight aluminum components the entire modular frame system can slide in both directions on a combination stainless steel and aluminum track. the LOOK® modular design allows individual vinyl tarp panels to slide in or out for easy installation or replacement.

    Build to any height or length, the LOOK® Engineered Sliding System is the perfect alternative to an enclosed trailer when side access is a must.

    Built Tough.... Built to Last!
    Ask for it by name and get the LOOK®
    Download .pdf Brochure - page 1, page 2

  • the LOOK® Engineered Sliding System can be designed to suit any style of flatbed utility or recreational trailer. Simply contact us and we will provide the necessary specifications to the Best Built, Best Value Load Covering System ever offered.

    Comes in a knock down kit for easy assembly…

    Load Covering solutions at an affordable Price…

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  • Rolling Soft Cover Canopy for Flatbed Utility Trailers
    Rolling Soft Cover Canopy for Flatbed Utility Trailers